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SAILING Photo Session_ISLA MUJERES イスラムヘーレス_セーリング フォトセッション

Let´s sail away,taking our hands, looking for the colours, following the horizon, the adventure, let´s the windView full post »

Wedding Ceremony_ISLA MUJERES MAYAN BEACH CLUB_July 30, 2016 リゾートウエディング_イスラムヘーレス

With the sun falling down and the last orange rays of light above us as witnesses  I give you my word, my soul, myView full post »

Fasion Photo Tour_ISLA MUJERES _AkiDemi Photography フォトツアー_イスラムヘーレス

  It exists an Island at the Caribbean that honours Woman, not only for its name but for its beautyView full post »

Costume Fashion Photo_PIRETE OF CARIBBEAN_ISLA MUJERES_July 2016 コスチュームフォト_イスラムヘーレス

  The only crime of this beauty japanisse-caribbean pirate is to steal sailor´s hearts. Her weapons are herView full post »

Costume Fashion Photo_ARIEL at ISLA MUJERES_July 2016 コスチュームフォト_イスラムヘーレス

This little mermaid decided to drink a magical potion to  get a pair of good shaped and strong legs, the reasonView full post »

Caribbean Samesex Wedding_Hotel MIA_ISLA MUJERES_June 21,2016 ウエディング_イスラムヘーレス

I was a long journey, lost battles, lots of wounds that became scars. There were people all the time, talking andView full post »

Fire Show_Isla Mujeres_May 20, 2016 ファイヤーショー_イスラムヘーレス

In everyone´s life at some time our inner fire goes out, that´s the best time to play with it. — In la vida deView full post »

Sunset Wedding Ceremony_Isla Mujeres_May 20, 2016 サンセットウエディング_イスラムヘーレス

When getting married at Isla Mujeres vows need to be changed because the beauty of this island becomes another loveView full post »

Fashion Photo Session_ISLA MUJERES_Aug 15, 2015 ファッションフォト_イスラムヘーレス

When we find our other half, time becomes static. There is no begining and there is no end. When those halfs getView full post »