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Glamour Fasion Photo_TULUM BEACH ファッションフォト_トゥルム

Never lose the opportunity of showing your style, but you better do it  in a very chic beach photo session.View full post »

Under Water Wedding_COZUMEL_AkiDemi Photography Presents 水中挙式_コスメル

    When people fall in love get´s a little be crazy too, if you are living into this wonderful loveView full post »

Fasion Photo Tour_ISLA MUJERES _AkiDemi Photography フォトツアー_イスラムヘーレス

  It exists an Island at the Caribbean that honours Woman, not only for its name but for its beautyView full post »

Trash The Dress_CENOTE_After the Cosmic Ceremony トラッシュザドレス_セノーテ

  Ancient Mayans believed   that cenotes were gateways to the afterlife, therefore they threw valuableView full post »