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Photo Session_LE BLANC CANCUN_Nov 22, 2014 ウエディングフォト_ルブラン カンクン

The white sand beach and the beautiful color of the water of Cancun were the perfect background for this photoView full post »

Album Desing_HYATT ZILARA CANCUN_Nov 15, 2014 アルバムデザイン_ハイアットジラーラ

The album from the photo session of November 15 is redy! The pictures of a Wedding are a once in a lifetimeView full post »

Photo Session_HYATT ZILARA CANCUN_Nov 15, 2014 ウエディングフォト_ハイアットジラーラ

My dreams are with you; My joys, you make them shine; My sorrow you transform into joy; WHAT ELSE CAN I ASK FORView full post »

Photo Session_LIVE AQUA CANCUN_Nov 13, 2014 ウエディングフォト_ライブアクア カンクン

This photo shoot  at the hotel Live Aqua in Cancun was surounded by the color blue. The light blue of the sky,View full post »

Photo Session_LE BLANC_Nov 12, 2014 ウエディングフォト_ルブラン カンクン

For every kiss , I would give you two hugs, three sighs that show four times my joy, and the fifth symphony of myView full post »

Photo Session_HYATT ZILARA_Nov 11, 2014 ウエディングフォト_ハイアットジラーラ

“If I told you that I love you very much I’d be lying; if I told you I love you too much I would alsoView full post »

Romantic Dinner&Marriage Proposal_KRYSTAL CANCUN ロマンチックディナー_クリスタル カンクン

It’s amazing to catch special moments on a picture. This photo shoot was at Hotel Krystal in Cancun, it wasView full post »

Photo Session_LE BLANC CANCUN_Nov 3, 2014 ウエディングフォト_ルブラン カンクン

This photo shoot at Hotel Le Blanc in Cancun is finally ready and it felt like a poem: This day I married my bestView full post »

Album Desing_HYATT ZILARA CANCUN_Oct 28, 2014 アルバムデザイン_ハイアットジラーラ

              We´re satisfied to present some of our completed work. We areView full post »

Photo Session_HYATT ZILARA_Nov 2, 2014 ウエディングフォト_ハイアットジラーラ

They say a picture speaks more than a thousands words and this picture is the best example. We took it at HotelView full post »

Album Desing_LE BLANC CANCUN_Oct 27, 2014 アルバムデザイン_ルブラン カンクン

The album of the photo session on Oct. 27 is ready. The couple was very happy with the work I did and are even happierView full post »

Photo Session_LE BLANC_Oct 30, 2014 ウエディングフォト_ルブラン カンクン

It seemed as if time had stopped, at that time, he appeared taking her hand and so they walked on the white sandView full post »