I was born in nation steeped in tradition and history, Japan. Japan encouraged my curiosity about the world. The only thing that can satisfy this curiosity I have is travel. An adventure that lasted many years allowed me to learn about places and cultures, including mystic India, where I learned what it really means to be happy. After discovering hidden corners and capturing the personality of each destination through its scenery and people, destiny delivered me to Cancun eight years ago. My curiosity about the world was stronger than fear. This curiosity allowed me to search out my true passion in life, photography.


Looking back, my love of photography began long ago. As a child I identified strongly with art and enjoyed painting. I never took classes, yet received awards for my work. At the age of 15 I was enamored with a book of photographs, some mysterious, others full of light, each with a special touch, its own personality. In that moment I understood all that a photo could say without words.

When I began studying photography something very special happened. Though I also enjoyed writing and drawing, the moment I picked up a camera I could not stop taking pictures. Photography became my center and I discovered that however immense the world may be, I could capture it all with my camera, and that became my mission.


I began working in Tokyo photographing celebrities and events. In 2004 there was an exposition of photos I had taken in Hawaii, the tropical island paradise that gave me hundreds of exemplary pictures. I then began to shoot weddings, each one with its own style and each couple with their own story, which became an excellent exercise. I learned different techniques of telling their stories through photographs.


Because I learned to take photographs before the digital age and retouching them on a computer was not an option I recognize not only visually but mentally the details in each instant and how to share them with the world, capturing shots that reflect the soul of each place and each moment. With the correct lighting the photo becomes tangible and one can see the feelings and emotions and discover a subject’s essence in a portrait.

My passion is to tell stories with images and my challenge is to improve my technique day by day. Telling stories while at the same time creating my own makes me very happy.



EOS 5D MARK3 Speedlite600EX, EF14mmF2.8L,EF16-35mm F2.8L, EF24-70mm F2.8L, EF28-300mm F3.5L , EF50mm F2.5 Marco, EF24-105mm F3.5L, EF85mm F1.8 etc..