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Cancun Wedding Ceremony_HYATT ZIVA_Sep 18, 2016 ウエディング_ハイアット ジバ

Today was much better that what  I  have imagined when i was only a little girl, in my mind there was aView full post »

Cancun Wedding Ceremony_HYATT ZILARA_Sep 17, 2016 ウエディング_ハイアット ジラーラ

When we decide to open our hearts is when magic starts, when the world turns  a better place to live, it becomesView full post »

Blue Photo Session_ISLA BLANCA_AkiDemi Photography Presents ウエディングフォト_イスラブランカ

We have discovered the blue side of love It is in the wind that dances with your hair It is in the deep blueView full post »

Under Water Wedding_COZUMEL_AkiDemi Photography Presents 水中挙式_コスメル

    When people fall in love get´s a little be crazy too, if you are living into this wonderful loveView full post »

Wedding Ceremony_ISLA MUJERES MAYAN BEACH CLUB_July 30, 2016 リゾートウエディング_イスラムヘーレス

With the sun falling down and the last orange rays of light above us as witnesses  I give you my word, my soul, myView full post »

Wedding Ceremony_TULUM BEACH&CENOTE_Aug 26, 2016 ウエディング_トゥルム ビーチ&セノーテ

Yes! we did it, we escape togheter to the most beautiful place of the word, the exotic nature that surrounded usView full post »

Wedding Ceremony_ISLA BLANCA _AkiDemi Photography Presents ウエディング_イスラブランカ

  Today is the day when finally dreams are coming true, see you in white, surrounded by nature, immerse inView full post »

Caribbean Samesex Wedding_Hotel MIA_ISLA MUJERES_June 21,2016 ウエディング_イスラムヘーレス

I was a long journey, lost battles, lots of wounds that became scars. There were people all the time, talking andView full post »

Wedding Ceremony_Catholic Church at Cancun_July 2016 教会ウエディング_カンクン

This is the moment. I say ¡YES!――――   The moment to say yes it’s now … today is the day whereView full post »

Wedding Photo_FIESTA AERICANA CORAL BEACH_July 2016 ウエディングフォト_フィエスタアメリカーナ

Love in the air at Fiesta Americana Coral Beach―――――   Love is the main ingredient for this greatView full post »

Sunset Wedding Ceremony_Isla Mujeres_May 20, 2016 サンセットウエディング_イスラムヘーレス

When getting married at Isla Mujeres vows need to be changed because the beauty of this island becomes another loveView full post »

Wedding Ceremony_Playa del Carmen_May 7, 2016 ウエディング_プラヤデルカルメン

Happy and In love――― Nothing compares to the feeling of being with you except the sound of these words: “nowView full post »

Wedding Ceremony_HYATT ZILARA_April 7, 2016 ウエディング_ハイアットジラーラ

Change the world,―――Say Yes!   When you say YES love comes, the sun shines brighter, people look happier, youView full post »

Wedding Ceremony_HYATT ZILARA_April 2, 2016 ウエディング_ハイアットジラーラ

“The one and Only” ――― There is a day when you realize that he is the one, the one you want to spendView full post »

Wedding Ceremony_ISLA BLANCA_March 6, 2016 ウエディングセレモニー_イスラブランカ

About twenty kilometers north of Cancun, Isla Blanca is a small stretch of land with narrow sand bank. To theView full post »