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09 Dec 2015

Photo Session at Dolphins Beach December 6th, 2015.

Traveling with the person you love might be one of the most romantic experiences to live. Think about you and your beloved one, chilling together at the beach, watching the beautiful ocean and sharing experiences, while both enjoy of the sun and the sand. Cancun offers that kind of experience, where you can have a fun and romatic momment in your vacations. One of the most known beach in Cancun is Dolphins Beach, also known as “El Mirador”, is a […]

22 Oct 2015

AkiDemi Photography wedding photo sample, Secret of Caribean Sea.

Have you ever wondered, what could be the best place for you and your couple to spend a romantic vacations? Have you ever dreamed about getting married at the beach? Well, the Caribean Sea has a great place for you to make that true! Cancun not only offers a great romantic experience, but also offers a great place for you to spend your vacations and make your wishes come true. In this place, “Caribbean Secret Place that only we can […]

29 Sep 2015

Photo Session at Dolphins Beach September 19th, 2015.

Theres a beach at Cancun known as Dolphins Beach. It’s a wonderfull and iconic place, well known for being an amazing beach, this place offers an amazing enviorment to create a new memory with your beloved one. It has a soft white sand and a shining blue ocean. Would you like to make a new memory heres with your beloved one? Me, Aki Demi, cand help you. Contact me through my website Contact session, I’ll be pleased to get in […]

26 Sep 2015

Photo Session at Dolphins Beach September 21th, 2015.

Cancun owns soThe me of the best beachs in the world. Being at a beach like this, known as Dolphins Beach, offers an amazing experience for you and your beloved one. The white sand, the crystalline water of the sea, the sound of waves breaking at the shore… all together create a very romantic and pacific atmosphere. Would you like to create memories at this place with your beloved one? Me, Aki Demi, can help you. Get in touch with […]

28 Aug 2015


Akidemi Photography en colaboracion con distinguida compañia de bodas Japonesa. Sesion de fotos para su anuncio en el hotel Fiesta Americana, Coral Beach. Rodeado por el mar por tres lados, su lujosa playa ofrece 6888 pies cuadrados para reunirse y para eventos, incluyendo una impresionante playa y terrazas,con personal en planta de planeacion de eventos listo para hacer de tu celebracion un paraiso. Si mis trabajos te interesan, te invito a que visites mi sitio web (www.akidemi.com), en el cual […]

05 Jun 2015

Photo Session at Ibero Star June 2nd

For me, your name is illusion; for my illution you are a dream; for my dream you are hope; for my hope you are love. Loving someone gives us a very strong motivation to move forward. Loving someone comes along with making new memories, and most of those memories are good memories. Good memories with our beloved one is something everybody would like to have. Would you like to keeo your memories with your beloved one? Me, Aki Demi, can […]