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25 Nov 2014

LE BLANC CANCUN_Photo Session_November 22, 2014

  The white sand beach and the beautiful color of the water of Cancun were the perfect background for this photo shoot. It’s like poetry watching this couple’s love in such a beautiful scenary only to be found in one the best destination for weddings in the world. This pictures will be a perfect reminder for their love, a lifetime memory.   La playa de arena blanca y el hermoso color del mar en Cancun fueron el escenario perfecto para […]

20 Nov 2014

HYATT ZILARA CANCUN_Album Desing_November 15, 2014

  The album from the photo session of November 15 is redy! The pictures of a Wedding are a once in a lifetime memory. The album is filled with smiles and love. You can only find  this blue in Cancun. The two of you will love the beautiful Caribbean Sea in Cancun I will help you with romantic overseas wedding.   ¡El álbum de la sesión de fotos del 15 de noviembre está listo! Las fotos de una boda son […]

18 Nov 2014

HYATT ZILARA CANCUN_Photo Session_November 15, 2014

  My dreams are with you; My joys, you make them shine; My sorrow you transform into joy; WHAT ELSE CAN I ASK FOR? If I am happy with you; You brighten my world; You awake my emotions, Because you’re my life If you’re happy, I am also happy; If there are wounds in your heart; I’ll be there to heal them; My whole being is with you; My heart belongs to you; Because all I am is because of you; Because I’ve begun to smile; Because I’ve been dreaming; Because […]

16 Nov 2014

LIVE AQUA CANCUN_Photo Session_November 13, 2014

  This photo shoot  at the hotel Live Aqua in Cancun was surounded by the color blue. The light blue of the sky, the turquoise blue of the ocean. What a beautiful scenary for this beautiful lifetime memories, only to be found in Cancun.   Esta sesión de fotos en el Hotel Live Aqua en Cancun estuvo rodeada por  por el color azul. El azul claro del cielo, el azul turquesa del mar. Que hermoso escenario para este hermoso recuerdo […]

15 Nov 2014

LE BLANC_Photo Session_November 12, 2014

  For every kiss , I would give you two hugs, three sighs that show four times my joy, and the fifth symphony of my six fiery dreams, I would say seven times, eight times that I love you, nine that I live for you, ten that I would die for you.   Por un beso de tu boca, dos abrazos te daría, tres suspiros que demuestren, cuatro veces mi alegría, y en la quinta sinfonía de mis seis sueños […]

14 Nov 2014

HYATT ZILARA_Photo Session_November 11, 2014

  “If I told you that I love you very much I’d be lying; if I told you I love you too much I would also be lying, but if you say it is not possible to say how much I love you I would be telling the truth, because  saying I love you very much, or too much, I would be putting a limit … ”   “Si te dijera que te amo mucho estaría mintiendo; si te dijera […]

08 Nov 2014

Romantic Dinner and Marriage Proposal_KRYSTAL CANCUN

It’s amazing to catch special moments on a picture. This photo shoot was at Hotel Krystal in Cancun, it was exciting to wittness the moment of such a romantic marriage proposal. He planned a romantic dinner on the beach and she said yes!   Es increíble capturar momentos especiales en una imagen. Esta sesión de fotos fue tomada en el Hotel Krystal en Cancún, fue emocionante ser testigos del momento de una propuesta tan romántica de matrimonio. Él planeó una […]

06 Nov 2014

LE BLANC CANCUN_Photo Session_November 3, 2014

  This photo shoot at Hotel Le Blanc in Cancun is finally ready and it felt like a poem: This day I married my best friend the one I laugh with as we share life’s wonderous zest, as we find new enjoyments and experience all that’s best. the one I live for because the world seems brighter as our happy times are better and our burdens feel much lighter. the one I love with every fiber of my soul. We […]

06 Nov 2014

HYATT ZILARA CANCUN_Album Desing_October 28th 2014

                We´re satisfied to present some of our completed work. We are happy  to capture on camera important moments for so many beautiful people and seeing their expressions of happiness when we give them the photos that trasport them to the feeling of emotion of that moment when they decided to share their lives toghether. LLenos de satisfacción les presentamos un poco de nuestro trabajo terminado. Nos hace muy felices capturar con la cámara […]

05 Nov 2014

HYATT ZILARA_Photo Session_November 2, 2014

  They say a picture speaks more than a thousands words and this picture is the best example. We took it at Hotel Hyatt Zilara. When the bride saw the pictures she was almost crying…  The pics touched her heart. One year after they got married she finally could get the wedding dress and choose the place here at the caribbean sea. This is the only picture we can share since they keep their love only to them selves but […]