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27 Feb 2015

PHOTO SESSION at Hyatt Zilara February 23, 2015

  Enjoy the best views, the best beach, its many beautiful places, but with the best person, is what makes these moments, special things. I am confident that there are no best pictures, which are taken in the best places in the highlights and the best. If you do not yet decided how and how you can make your wedding an unforgettable experience … why not consider as the best option, remember these moments with pictures? I am Aki Demi, […]

21 Feb 2015

Photo Session Fiesta Americana Gran Coral Beach February 18, 2015

  So immense is the planet, unknown distance we have with one another. It is for this very reason that every day we strive to find the right person. That person who does not exist, that distance. These photographs are proof of how this couple gets rid of that distance and begin to have a life together now. AkiDemi Photography, at your service for with best effort and professionalism. Let’s perform the beginning path of happiness and togetherness.   Tan inmenso […]

19 Feb 2015

Photo Session Dolphins Beach February 16, 2015

For the sun, we are only a blink, a moment … If life is a moment, let me be part of your story, be the snapshot into your eyes and the memory that inspires so much happiness … I know that the best moments are recorded in these pictures, the best moments where begin a life together. Congratulations and I wish you a happy marriage! Demi Aki.     Para el sol, sólo somos un parpadeo, un instante… Si la […]

12 Feb 2015

AkiDemi Photography Products shooting Jewelry Millenium, PLaza la isla_February 8,2015

  On this occasion, we had a photo session on the Millenium Jewelry, A place where you can appreciate the efforts and passions of a man who knows what he wants. There are little gems that surround us and may contain flashes of inspiration. Other bigger than be appreciated in pride and dedication. We made those thoughts a reality. Here’s our effort and work to enable them to enjoy watching something that is just gorgeous. If you believe that the […]

10 Feb 2015

DOLPHINS BEACH CANCUN_Photo Session_February 6, 2015

There are many decisions that shape your life, but not always realize all. This couple realized that the best of all is to have the person you love most in your hand, and to remember forever they recorded these feelings in these photos. The sand and beach are witnesses of the hapiness and my job is to show off the best of it. Would you dare you also have the best decisions with the best person in your life?   Existen […]

05 Feb 2015

FIESTA AMERICANA CORAL BEACH_Photo Session_February 03,2015

  The best scenario is here. The witness beach, sand company and the beautiful sunrise in your favor. This couple enjoyed every moment and every picture you take, there is nothing better to record your memories and wedding.   I wanna love you, respect you and remain with you all the days of my life. These are the best words to a pair tells the condemned to happiness for the rest of their lives. I wish you the best adventure […]

02 Feb 2015

DOLPHINS BEACH CANCUN_ Photo Session_January 28, 2015

Play as children, enjoy as young, love as adults and even old stay together.I think this photo session shows everything a couple needs to get to the altar.No more words to tell them that “Congratulations”, because they have the best wishes of their fulfilled lives.They made the best decision to come to Cancun to take better pictures and so immortalize his love.And you …. Have you thought the best place to be with the person you love most in the […]

02 Feb 2015


  We have already completed album of this young and happy couple. The Fiesta Americana Coral Beach, always gets us very well for the couple have some unforgettable memories. Congratulations to them, they reached the best place to have the best memories. All the best to them, and all couples who come and wish to come here, to demonstrate love in an album of happiness and new experiences.   Hemos finalizado ya con el álbum de esta pareja joven y […]