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14 Sep 2015

Trash the Dress at Cenote, July 2015.

The lighting blue, watching from the skies and seas And the pure white, witness all times from the clouds and sand. Returns to the Caribbean coast, the best place to be remembered. In this photo session, we appreciate the energy of the pair that allows be able to demonstrate in their the best virtues, which is love in Cancun. The stage that can be seen are just a reflection of the joy of the couple. And we do these joys, […]

22 Aug 2015

Photo Session at Isla Mujeres, August 15th

When we find our other half, time becomes static. There is no begining and there is no end. When those halfs get together, we build beautiful memories of our experiences and momments together, and when we walk at the shore, watching our reflection at the water of the waves, we realize that time isn’t a static factor, and we realize that memories have more value than what we though. Would you like to keep your memories for ever? Me, Aki […]

26 Jun 2015

Trash the Dress at Cenote May 6th.

Being young and being in love might be the must beautiful experience we can have as a human being. We feel free, happy, complete, satisfied, and most important, together with the person we love. We discover that keeping this memories forever is one of the things that we want more. Me, Aki Demi, can help you with that. Ser jóven y estar enamorado debe ser la experiencia mas hermosa que podemos tener como seres humanos. Nos sentimos libres, felices, completos. […]

12 Feb 2015

AkiDemi Photography Products shooting Jewelry Millenium, PLaza la isla_February 8,2015

  On this occasion, we had a photo session on the Millenium Jewelry, A place where you can appreciate the efforts and passions of a man who knows what he wants. There are little gems that surround us and may contain flashes of inspiration. Other bigger than be appreciated in pride and dedication. We made those thoughts a reality. Here’s our effort and work to enable them to enjoy watching something that is just gorgeous. If you believe that the […]