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27 Feb 2015

PHOTO SESSION at Hyatt Zilara February 23, 2015

  Enjoy the best views, the best beach, its many beautiful places, but with the best person, is what makes these moments, special things. I am confident that there are no best pictures, which are taken in the best places in the highlights and the best. If you do not yet decided how and how you can make your wedding an unforgettable experience … why not consider as the best option, remember these moments with pictures? I am Aki Demi, […]

21 Feb 2015

Photo Session Fiesta Americana Gran Coral Beach February 18, 2015

  So immense is the planet, unknown distance we have with one another. It is for this very reason that every day we strive to find the right person. That person who does not exist, that distance. These photographs are proof of how this couple gets rid of that distance and begin to have a life together now. AkiDemi Photography, at your service for with best effort and professionalism. Let’s perform the beginning path of happiness and togetherness.   Tan inmenso […]

05 Feb 2015

FIESTA AMERICANA CORAL BEACH_Photo Session_February 03,2015

  The best scenario is here. The witness beach, sand company and the beautiful sunrise in your favor. This couple enjoyed every moment and every picture you take, there is nothing better to record your memories and wedding.   I wanna love you, respect you and remain with you all the days of my life. These are the best words to a pair tells the condemned to happiness for the rest of their lives. I wish you the best adventure […]

02 Feb 2015


  We have already completed album of this young and happy couple. The Fiesta Americana Coral Beach, always gets us very well for the couple have some unforgettable memories. Congratulations to them, they reached the best place to have the best memories. All the best to them, and all couples who come and wish to come here, to demonstrate love in an album of happiness and new experiences.   Hemos finalizado ya con el álbum de esta pareja joven y […]

31 Jan 2015

HYATT ZILARA CANCUN_Photo Session_ January 26, 2015

Regardless of the month in which we are, Cancun answers us with a bright sun, but nothing to shine more than a newlywed couple. Today as always, we made a happy couple, where they take the best pictures, to the best views and the best quality, but above all, satisfaction and love that shows the couple. This is the style behind the scenes that we like to brag.   Sin importar el mes en que nos encontremos, Cancún nos responde […]

30 Jan 2015

FIESTA AMERICANA CORAL BEACH_ Photo Session_January 23, 2015

  It is incredible as the normal days for many, happens to be a very special day for others. No matter anything, just the feeling of enjoying every moment and wishing to venture into the world with the person you love most. Each photograph has a lot to talk about and each photo shows that Cancun Caribbean colors are best for such a beautiful session. I’m Aki Demi, and my job is to make memories that special moment with that […]

28 Jan 2015

LE BLANC CANCUN_ Album Design_January 17, 2015

  This is the memory that each partner brings when order the album. The album contains the best photos taken at the brightest sunlight, Caribbean flavor that is reflected in the most beautiful sand and beaches in the world. Where everything is in a unique style but with the same professionalism. Aki Demi, designing at your service the best albums to remember that time wonderful with the most wonderful person to be around.   Este es el recuerdo que se […]

26 Jan 2015

THE RITZ CARLTON_Album Design_January 13, 2015

  No best memories that are made at a wedding, that’s why we give everything for the shoot be the best. The luxury hotel combined with the elegance of the couple, made this meeting, one of the best I am very glad that couples enjoy and rejoice in our work that we dedicate time, effort and professionalism. There is nothing better to demonstrate the joys in a gallery. COME! I challenge you to have the best experience of your life. […]

25 Jan 2015

LE BLANC_Photo Session_January 17, 2015

  A wedding is a memory for life. This ceremony was very cheerful, the couple, very happy to join their lives in the Mexican Caribbean, Cancun left them speechless, seeing the blue sea of the world with such white sand as the purity of their love and luxury of the Hotel Le blanc, which together made the wedding of your dreams.   Una boda es un recuerdo para toda vida. Esta ceremonia fue muy alegre, la pareja, muy feliz de […]

23 Jan 2015

HYATT ZILARA_Album Design_January 7, 2015

  This is an example of designing album. A unique design and especially for each pair, because each album is a different love story, who has the best shots of the day. So you never forget the beautiful beaches of the Mexican Caribbean white sand and turquoise sea.   Este es un ejemplo del diseño de álbum. Un diseño único y especialmente para cada pareja, ya que cada álbum es una historia de amor diferente, que se cuenta con las […]